Undercover SE Bed Cover

Undercover SE Bed Cover
Item# SE

Product Description

The UnderCover SE tonneau cover takes all the greatest features of the original Undercover and combines them with several new features and an all new look. Constructed of ABS plastics and polymers, the UnderCover SE is extremely durable yet lightweight at only 58 lbs. It's unique construction prevents the cover from warping during extreme weather changes allowing it to be used in virtually any climate or region. The UnderCover SE features new styling that uses a ribbed design with a curved rear spoiler for a sporty look that is perfect for late model trucks. It also features an all new concealed hinge design that offers a tighter seal and the ability to remove the cover without tools. A new center point latch design features a single lock in the center of the cover with dual latches that lock each side of the cover for unmatched security. The UnderCover SE also has a self contained LED light on the underside of the cover for enhanced visibility in low light conditions. Quick release struts and a wall mount bracket make removing and storing the cover quick and hassle free.

Sleek, Sporty Look: The UnderCover SE Tonneau features a sleek, sporty appearance that will compliment anyone's truck. It features molded ribs along with a curved rear spoiler that offers a look unlike anything ever seen on a truck bed cover.

Concealed Hinge: The UnderCover SE concealed hinge features an all new design that features easier operation and a tighter seal to the truck bed. The hinge design allows it to be easily removed without any tools.

Single Point Latch: The Undercover SE tonneau cover offers a newly redesigned single point latch system. A single keyed lock is located in the center of the cover with dual locking arms that fasten both sides of the cover. The weather-tight twist lock allows users to instantly open or lock the cover for added convenience and safety.

Easy Installation: The UnderCover SE offers easy, no drill installation. Clamp on installation and a quick release strut design allow the cover to easily be removed in under a minute.

Wallmount Included: All tonneau covers include a wallmount bracket that allows the Undercover to be easily stored when not in use.

3 Year Warranty: The UnderCover SE tonneau features a 3 Year Warranty.