Trailseal Tailgate Seal

Trailseal Tailgate Seal

Product Description

Get irritated when water seeps in through your tailgate? If you answered yes then you need the tailgate seal kit from TrailSeal®. This easy to install adhesive-backed molded rubber seal reduces dust, rain, and snow leakage through the tailgate by providing a tight tailgate seal. JUST CUT, PEEL, & STICK! Designed specifically for tailgates. TrailSeal seals the bottom and both sides of the tailgate.

•Designed specifically for tailgates.

•TrailSeal seals the bottom and both sides of the tailgate.

•Provides a firm cushion and tight seal when closing tailgate.

•Will not interfere with tailgate removal or operation

•Compresses and self forms to any tailgate configuration

•TrailSeal seals the tailgate gaps and stops dust, rain, and snow from getting in.

•The location of the bottom seal protects the seal when sliding cargo over it.

•Seals vertical gaps at the corners and the gap at the floor of the truck bed.

•Actual profile size is shown. Large enough to seal the big gaps yet compressible enough for the small ones.

•OEM quality pressure sensitive 3M Adhesive

•Molded rubber gasket is Industry's Widest for tailgates

•Thickest rubber seal made for tailgates

•Tested - Trusted - Guaranteed