Road Master Active suspension

Road Master Active suspension
Item# RMsuspension

Product Description

These Roadmaster active suspension systems are like helper springs, sway bars, and traction bars, all in one package.

* Improved driver control, safety, and stability, with or without a load

* Eliminate sway and reduce roll on corners

* Reduce axle wrap and wheel hop

* Strengthen rear leaf springs for towing or hauling maximum loads with maximum safety

* Absorb loads, rather than resist them, thereby ensuring a much more comfortable ride

* Eliminate the need for fitting extra blades, which harden the ride

* Better handling and control in windy and rough road conditions

* Easy to install--can be fitted in approximately 60 minutes with no welding or drilling

* Secured under their own coil spring tension

* User-friendly--once installed, no adjustment or maintenance required

* Manufactured from high-grade alloy spring steel

* Save money and minimize wear on tires, shocks, shackles, and leaf springs